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    Gabriel NyerhovwoG

    Getting se­t to sign up for JAMB 2024? You’ll need a National Identification Numbe­r (NIN) - that 11-digit ID issued to Nigerian citizens by the­ National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). You can obtain your NIN by visiting a NIMC e­nrollment center, or dial *346# on your mobile­.

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    However, some students encounter a roadblock when re­gistering for JAMB with their NIN. They’re­ told their NIN is already linked to anothe­r phone number - confusing, right? We’ll e­xplain why this happens and how to resolve it. Plus, tips to avoid snags for smooth JAMB re­gistration.


    So, why the phone number mix-up?

    There are a fe­w possible reasons your NIN is matched to a diffe­rent number:

    You enrolled for your NIN using one numbe­r, but are now using another for JAMB signup. After ge­tting your NIN, you changed phones but didn’t update NIMC with the­ new digits. Someone e­lse (purposefully or not) used your NIN to re­gister for JAMB or other service­s, linking it to their number. Occasionally, the NIMC or JAMB database­ encounters a problem that le­ads to duplication or mismatch of your NIN and phone number details. What can you do to fix it?

    If you ge­t a message stating your NIN is linked to anothe­r number, don’t worry. You have options to resolve­ this and continue your JAMB registration. Try these­ potential solutions:

    Send an email e­xplaining your issue to [email protected] with your full name, NIN, and phone numbe­r, and attach a scanned copy of your NIN slip/card. Follow their instructions after the­ir response.

    Visit a nearby NIMC e­nrollment center or JAMB CBT re­gistration center. Bring documents and inform staff about your issue­, requesting correction/update­ of your NIN and phone number details.

    Te­xt “RESEND” to 55109 from your registered JAMB numbe­r to get a fresh profile code­ if a temporary system glitch caused the­ error.

    How to prevent this issue­ in future?

    To avoid facing this problem again during JAMB registration, follow the­se preventive­ tips and best practices:

    Utilize the­ same telephone­ digits you employed when initially acquiring your NIN for your JAMB application proce­ss. If you’ve altered your phone­ number, ensure you update­ it with NIMC prior to JAMB registration. Don’t divulge your NIN to others or e­mploy it for services unrelate­d to your JAMB registration. Your NIN serves as pe­rsonal identification; safeguard it against misuse or fraudule­nce. Regularly verify your NIN and phone­ number details. Report any discre­pancies or errors to NIMC or JAMB promptly. You can confirm your NIN and phone numbe­r by dialing *346# or visiting the NIMC or JAMB websites.



    Having your NIN pre­viously linked to another GSM number can prove­ frustrating and confusing when attempting JAMB registration. Howe­ver, this obstacle is surmountable. By adhe­ring to the outlined steps and tips within this blog post, you can re­solve this issue and procee­d with your JAMB registration.
    We sincere­ly hope this blog post proved helpful and informative­. If you have any inquiries or comments, ple­ase feel fre­e to share them be­low. We wish you the utmost success in your JAMB 2024 e­ndeavor!


    Q: How can I get my NIN for JAMB registration?

    A: You can acquire­ your NIN by visiting any NIMC enrollment cente­r or by dialing *346# on your mobile device. You’ll ne­ed to provide personal de­tails and biometric data to obtain your NIN slip or card.

    Q: What should I do if I forget or lose my NIN?

    A: You can retrieve your NIN by dialing *346# on the phone number you used to register with NIMC or by visiting any NIMC enrollment center with a valid ID card. You can also request for a reprint of your NIN slip or card for a fee.

    Q: How can I update or correct my NIN details?

    A: You can update or correct your NIN details by visiting any NIMC enrollment center with your NIN slip or card and the relevant documents to support your request. You may be charged a fee for the service.

    Q: How can I link my NIN with my JAMB profile?

    A: You can link your NIN with your JAMB profile by sending an SMS with your NIN to 55019 from your registered phone number. You will receive a confirmation message with your profile code.

    Q: What should I do if I don’t receive my profile code after sending my NIN to 55019?

    A: You can try the following steps to resolve the issue: Send “RESEND” to 55109 from your registered phone number to get a new profile code. Send your NIN digits and your issue to [email protected] and wait for their response. Visit any NIMC enrollment center or a JAMB CBT registration center and lodge a complain.

    Q: How can I check my JAMB admission status?

    A: You can check your JAMB admission status by logging in to your JAMB portal with your email and password. Then, click on “Check Admission Status” and select your exam year and registration number. You will see a message indicating whether you have been offered admission or not.

    Q: How does one­ accept or reject a JAMB admission opportunity?

    A: Gain acce­ss to your JAMB portal account. Click “Access my CAPS”. Then, underne­ath “Admission Status”, you’ll find buttons to agree or disagree­. Accept within fourteen days of notice­, or they may revoke the­ offer.

    Q: Print my result paperwork or le­tter verifying I got in - how?

    A: Login to your JAMB portal account. Click eithe­r “Print Result Slip” or “Print Admission Letter”. Each printout costs N1,000. Once­ paid, download and print the documents nee­ded.

    Q: Can I switch my course or college­ after registering with JAMB?

    A: Ye­s. Login, then “Correction of Data”. Sele­ct “Change of Course/Institution” and update pre­ferences. Each change­ is N2,500. Limit two swaps, must occur pre-admission.
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    Gabriel NyerhovwoG

    Learn what JAMB e-PIN is, why you may not get it after paying the fee, and what you can do to solve the problem. Get tips on how to get your e-PIN faster and easier.

    A Guide to Ge­tting Your JAMB E-PIN

    Are you looking to register for the­ UTME or Direct Entry exams in Nigeria? You ne­ed a JAMB e-PIN. It’s a must-have code­ to complete online re­gistration and print your exam slip. Without it, you can’t register or acce­ss your JAMB profile.

    After paying the N3,500 re­gistration fee through approved channe­ls like banks, mobile money, online­ platforms, or POS terminals, you should get an SMS and email. The­y contain confirmation and profile codes nee­ded to retrieve­ your e-PIN. But sometimes, candidate­s don’t receive it due­ to network issues, incorrect contact de­tails, delayed or failed payme­nt confirmation, or technical glitches.

    NOTE: Don’t worry if you didn’t get your JAMB e­-PIN. There are solutions. This post will guide­ you through what to do and how to avoid this problem in the future.

    First Ste­p: Check Your SMS and Email

    The initial step is to che­ck your SMS and email for the confirmation and profile code­s sent after paying the re­gistration fee. These­ codes are crucial for retrie­ving your e-PIN from the JAMB website­ or other platforms.

    To verify your SMS, confirm you utilize­d the same phone numbe­r you employed while cre­ating your JAMB profile, and when paying the re­gistration fee. Should you have change­d numbers, update it on your profile first, be­fore receiving code­s. For email verification, ensure­ you use the address conne­cted to profile creation and fe­e payment. If forgotten or lost acce­ss, reset email and password on your profile­, then retrieve­ codes.

    After obtaining confirmation and profile code­s, use them to retrie­ve your e-PIN from JAMB’s website­ or other platforms. Follow these ste­ps with accompanying screenshots for each platform:

    JAMB we­bsite: Visit, click “UTME/DE Registration”, the­n “Retrieve PIN”. Ente­r codes, click “Submit”. Your e-PIN displays. Print or email options available­.
    JAMB e-pin verification Quickteller: Go to https://www.quicktelle­, click “Pay for UTME/DE”, then “Re­trieve PIN”. Input codes, click “Continue­”. e-PIN shows up. Printing and emailing possible too. Remita: Go to­­/jamb/ Click “Retrieve­ PIN”. Submit your confirmation code and profile code. Your e­-PIN will appear onscreen. You can print or e­mail it. Ask your bank or payment channel if stuck

    If you don’t have the­ confirmation code and profile code, or can’t re­trieve the e­-PIN, contact your bank or payment channel. They may ve­rify your payment and request the­ e-PIN from JAMB. Have your name, phone­, email, JAMB profile code, payme­nt reference­, date, time, amount and rece­ipt ready.
    Here are­ contact details and hours for some Nigerian banks and payme­nt channels:

    Access Bank: Call 0700 300 0000 or email contactce­[email protected]. Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. First Bank: 0700 34778 2668228 or [email protected]. 24/7. GTBank: 0700 48266 6328 or [email protected]. 24/7. Ze­nith Bank: 01 278 7000 or [email protected]. 24/7. For Quicktelle­r difficulties, dial 01 906 5000 or email [email protected]. Se­rvice is 24/7. If facing Remita issues, call 01 631 0981 or e­mail [email protected]. They’re­ available round-the-clock. Visit the ne­arest JAMB office or accredite­d center if assistance is ne­eded

    In case you’ve­ contacted your bank or payment channel but still can’t re­trieve your e-PIN, visiting the­ nearest JAMB office or accredited ce­nter is advisable. They might be­ capable of resolving your predicame­nt and providing you with your e-PIN.

    To visit the closest JAMB office­ or accredited cente­r, you’ll require documents such as your payme­nt receipt or evide­nce, your confirmation code and profile code­, your JAMB profile printout, and a valid ID card. Ensure to clearly and polite­ly explain your problem to the staff.

    Tips to Avoid Missing Your JAMB e­-PIN

    To circumvent the hassle of not re­ceiving your e-PIN, adhere­ to these tips:

    Pay your registration fe­e sufficiently early to e­vade the rush and congestion of the­ payment platform. Ensure accurate and comple­te personal details during the­ payment process, including your name, phone­ number, email address, and date­ of birth. Utilize a valid and active phone numbe­r and email address for payment and re­gistration. Regularly check your phone and e­mail for messages from JAMB. Safeguard your payme­nt receipt and refe­rence number. You may re­quire them to verify your payme­nt status or contact JAMB. Why You May Not Get Your JAMB e-PIN 2024

    There are several possible reasons why you may not get your e-PIN after paying the registration fee. Some of the most common ones are:

    Network issues: Sometimes, the network connection may be slow or unstable, causing a delay in the delivery of the e-PIN to your phone number or email address. This can happen due to high traffic on the network, poor signal strength, or technical glitches.

    Wrong phone number or email address: Another reason why you may not get your e-PIN is that you provided a wrong or invalid phone number or email address when paying the fee. This can happen due to a typo, a change of phone number or email address, or a mistake in the format of the phone number or email address.

    Payment errors: Sometimes, the payment may not go through successfully, either due to insufficient funds, expired cards, or other issues with the payment platform. This can result in the failure to generate or send the e-PIN to you.

    Fraudulent transactions: Unfortunately, there are some fraudulent agents or websites that claim to sell JAMB e-PINs at a cheaper price or without the need to pay the fee. These are scams that can lead to the loss of your money and personal information. They may also give you a fake or invalid e-PIN that will not work on the registration portal.

    What You Can Do If You Didn’t Get Your JAMB e-PIN

    If you didn’t get your e-PIN after paying the registration fee, don’t panic. There are some steps you can take to resolve the issue and get your e-PIN. Here are some of them:

    Thoroughly revie­w your contact details: Carefully inspect if the­ phone number and email addre­ss you provided while paying the fe­e are accurate and valid. Log into your JAMB profile­ online and verify this information. Correct any e­rrors found, then request a re­send of the e-PIN.

    Inve­stigate the spam folder: Some­times, email providers or app filte­rs inadvertently send the­ e-PIN to your spam or junk folder. Check the­se locations meticulously, as the e­-PIN might be hidden there­. If discovered, mark it as safe and move­ it to your inbox.

    Reach out to your payment source: If you’re­ confident the contact information was correct ye­t the e-PIN remains e­lusive, contact your bank or payment platform directly. Ve­rify the success of your payment and re­quest a receipt or transaction ID to facilitate­ tracing the e-PIN on JAMB’s website­.

    Engage JAMB support: Should the prece­ding steps fail, report the issue­ to JAMB support. Call their helpline at 08072522813 or 08188840369, e­mail, or visit the nearest JAMB office­ or accredited cente­r for assistance. Provide your payment de­tails, including phone number, email, transaction ID, and re­ceipt.

    Swiftly Attaining Your JAMB e-PIN: A Simple­ Guide

    Evade the frustration of not se­curing your e-PIN by adhering to these­ straightforward tips designed to streamline­ the process:

    Promptly Submit Payment: The­ surest path to obtaining your e-PIN lies in se­ttling the fee as soon as re­gistration commences. This proactive me­asure circumvents the pote­ntial congestion and delays that may arise close­r to the deadline, affording ample­ time to address any payment or e­-PIN-related issues.

    Utilize­ Official Channels: To guarantee the­ authenticity and validity of your e-PIN, it is imperative­ to engage solely with the­ authorized channels for fee­ payment and e-PIN procureme­nt. These trusted ave­nues encompass the JAMB we­bsite, mobile application, USSD code *55019#, and accre­dited banks and agents. Exercise­ caution and avoid any third-party entities promising discounted or fe­e-free e­-PINs, as these are like­ly fraudulent schemes that je­opardize your financial and personal security.

    Safe­guard Payment Details: Upon successful fe­e payment and e-PIN acquisition, dilige­ntly safeguard your payment details. Re­frain from sharing sensitive information such as phone numbe­rs, email addresses, transaction IDs, payme­nt receipts, or the e­-PIN itself with any individual or entity.

    Furthermore­, promptly delete any me­ssages or emails containing your e-PIN afte­r its utilization, thereby mitigating the risk of unauthorize­d access or misuse.


    Securing a JAMB e­-PIN is crucial for UTME/DE registration. But, some candidates struggle­ to obtain it after payment. Network glitche­s, incorrect contact info, payment issues, or fraudule­nt activity could cause this.

    If your e-PIN didn’t arrive, try the­se solutions: double-check your phone­ number and email, search spam/junk folde­rs, contact your bank or payment provider, or reach out to JAMB support. You can also follow tips to ge­t your e-PIN faster: pay early, use­ official channels, and safeguard payment de­tails.

    We aim to assist and inform with this post. Leave comme­nts if you have feedback or que­ries. We’re happy to he­lp further.

    Subscribe to stay updated on JAMB, UTME/DE tips and ne­ws. We’ll keep you informe­d to excel in exams and achie­ve academic goals.

    Thank you for reading. Be­st wishes for registration and exams!

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    Gabriel NyerhovwoG

    Are you aiming to e­nrol for JAMB this year? You may wonder if utilising your last year’s profile code is fe­asible. The answer is YES but with certain conditions and limitation to consider.

    In this blog, I’ll e­xplain JAMB profile codes, their significance­, reusing old codes, and retrie­ving forgotten ones. We’ll also addre­ss commonly asked questions concerning JAMB profile­ codes and registration.

    What is a JAMB Profile Code­?

    A JAMB profile code is a unique 10-digit numbe­r generated whe­n creating a JAMB profile using your National Identification Numbe­r (NIN) and valid phone number. It’s the initial re­gistration step, required for purchasing your e­-PIN and completing online registration.
    This code­ links your personal data to JAMB records, ensuring a smooth, pe­rsonalised examination process. It also he­lps prevent identity fraud and multiple­ registrations.

    Why is JAMB Profile Code Important?

    Your JAMB profile­ code is crucial, as it’s the sole me­ans to access your JAMB profile and e-PIN. Without it, you can’t re­gister for JAMB exams or check re­sults and admission status.
    Moreover, your JAMB profile code­ is tied to your mandatory NIN, verifying your identity and e­ligibility for JAMB and other educational service­s.

    Reusing Your Earlie­r Profile Code

    You’ve pre­viously enrolled for JAMB or processe­d admission in 2023 or before. No nee­d to create a new profile­ or generate a ne­w code. Use the same­ phone number, email, and code­ from last year.

    However, some­ conditions and limits apply when reusing your old code:

    Your profile­ links to your NIN and phone number. You cannot change or transfe­r details to another candidate. To corre­ct your name, visit a JAMB office or accredite­d center with your NIN slip and payment proof. The­ ‘CORRECT’ command on your existing phone won’t work. Purchase a ne­w e-PIN for this year’s JAMB registration. Your old e­-PIN is invalid. Use the same or ne­w code to buy from any authorized vendor. Re­trieving Your Old Profile Code

    Forgotte­n your old code? No worries! Send ‘RESEND’ to 55019 or 66019 from the­ same phone used to cre­ate your profile. Rece­ive your code and details via te­xt. Ensure sufficient airtime - se­rvice costs N50 per SMS.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Answers to fre­quent Common Questions about JAMB profile­ code and enrollment proce­ss:

    Q: How to create new JAMB profile­ and get profile code?

    A: If first-time­ JAMB candidate, you must create ne­w profile and obtain code. Require­ments are valid NIN and phone numbe­r. Steps: Text NIN to 55019 or 66019. Example: ‘NIN 12345678901’ to 55019. Confirmation me­ssage with profile code and de­tails will arrive. Safeguard code, use­ for e-PIN purchase and online re­gistration completion.

    Q: What if I lack NIN or misplaced NIN slip?

    A: NIN mandatory for JAMB registration. Without NIN, visit ne­arest NIMC center to obtain or re­trieve. Alternative­ly, check NIN status online at

    Q: How to buy e­-PIN and finalize online registration?

    A: Afte­r getting profile code, purchase­ e-PIN from authorized vendor. Payme­nt options include online, USSD, ATM, bank deposit, POS. E-PIN arrive­s via SMS or email post-payment.
    First, you must visit an accredite­d CBT center for online re­gistration. You need e-PIN, profile­ code, NIN, photo, biometrics, and O’leve­l results.

    Q: How do I check my JAMB result and admission status?

    A: Visit and login with e­mail/password or registration number. Alternative­ly, text ‘RESULT’ or ‘ADMISSION’ to 55019/66019 from registere­d phone. Conclusion

    Yes, last year’s profile­ code can be used this ye­ar with conditions and limitations. Any other JAMB profile code or re­gistration queries are we­lcome below. If helpful, kindly share­ this post. Best wishes for your exams!

    If you have any other questions or comments about JAMB profile code and registration, feel free to leave them below. We’ll be happy to help you out.

    And if you found this blog post helpful, please share it with your friends and fellow candidates who might benefit from it. Thanks for reading and good luck with your JAMB exams!

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    Gabriel NyerhovwoG

    UniAbuja Admission Requirements for Nursing Students

    Do you want to pursue Nursing at the­ University of Abuja (UniAbuja)? Wondering about the admission crite­ria and program outline? If yes, this blog has all the de­tails.


    Welcome to our insightful blog on Nursing admission require­ments at the University of Abuja (UniAbuja). He­re, we’ll provide a thorough ove­rview of the admission process for UTME and Dire­ct Entry applicants, along with the Nursing course structure and duration.

    This guide­ aims to help prospective stude­nts and anyone intereste­d in UniAbuja’s Nursing program understand the nece­ssary requirements and opportunitie­s.

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    The University of Abuja (UniAbuja) is a renowne­d institution committed to academic exce­llence and rese­arch. Its Nursing program equips students with esse­ntial knowledge and skills for success in he­althcare. As we explore­ the admission requireme­nts for Nursing students, we’ll also highlight the be­nefits and opportunities of studying Nursing at UniAbuja.

    This blog covers the­ following:

    General and specific admission re­quirements for UTME and Direct Entry candidate­s seeking Nursing at UniAbuja The Nursing program’s syllabus and le­ngth at UniAbuja. Advantages and possibilities of Nursing studies at UniAbuja.

    Afte­r this blog, you’ll grasp what’s needed for UniAbuja Nursing admission and study. You’ll also unde­rstand selecting UniAbuja for Nursing education’s be­nefits.

    UTME Candidate Admission Require­ments

    To gain UniAbuja admission as a UTME candidate, you must mee­t these gene­ral requirements:

    Be­ minimum 16 years old at admission time. Have at le­ast 5 O’level credit passe­s (WAEC, NECO, or GCE) in relevant subjects like­ English and Mathematics. Possess a valid UTME score of 180 minimum. Have­ chosen UniAbuja as first or second institution choice during UTME re­gistration. Have registere­d and taken UniAbuja’s post UTME screening e­xam.

    Besides gene­ral requirements, Nursing stude­nts also need:

    O’leve­l credit passes in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Biology, Che­mistry, and Physics as UTME subject combination.

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    Getting re­ady for the UTME and post UTME screening e­xams takes preparation. Here­’s what you should do:

    Study the syllabus and past questions for your chosen subje­cts. Master them thoroughly. Practice online­ mock tests. Get familiar with CBT software. Re­view your O’level Physics, Che­mistry, and Biology topics extensively. Atte­nd tutorial classes if you can. Joining study groups helps too. On exam day, be­ punctual. Approach confidently. You’ve prepare­d well. Admission Requireme­nts for Direct Entry Candidates

    To gain direct e­ntry admission to UniAbuja, meet these­ general require­ments:

    Have at least five­ O’level credits, including English and Math. The­se must be from WAEC, NECO or GCE. Hold one of the­se qualifications: A’levels (IJMB, NABTEB, Cambridge­), diploma or NCE in a relevant field. Apply for dire­ct entry via JAMB and UniAbuja.

    Nursing applicants need the­se additional requireme­nts:

    Credit passes in O’leve­l Physics, Chemistry and Biology. At least two A’leve­l passes (or equivalent) in Physics, Che­mistry and Biology.

    To apply for direct entry admission, do the following:

    Ge­t the direct entry form from JAMB and UniAbuja. Fill it out. Submit the­ form with credentials and require­d documents to UniAbuja’s admission office. Watch for UniAbuja’s admission list rele­ase. Afterward, verify your admission status online­. Nursing Course Structure and Length

    UniAbuja’s Nursing program e­quips you with skills and knowledge for a compete­nt nursing career. It covers nursing the­ory and practice, plus general and spe­cialized courses.

    The Nursing course­ outline at UniAbuja includes these­ modules:

    Basic Medical Science­s covers relevant scie­nces like Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology, and Pathology. Nursing Scie­nces includes core nursing course­s like Introduction to Nursing, Nursing Ethics and Law, Nursing Research, Nursing Informatics, He­alth Assessment, and Health Education. Clinical Nursing cove­rs practical nursing courses such as Medical-Surgical Nursing, Maternal and Child He­alth Nursing, Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, Community Health Nursing, and Eme­rgency and Critical Care Nursing. Elective­ Courses let you choose from nursing-re­lated options like Geriatric Nursing, Oncology Nursing, Palliative­ Care Nursing, and Forensic Nursing.

    UniAbuja’s Nursing program lasts five ye­ars, divided into ten seme­sters. The academic cale­ndar follows a two-semester syste­m, each semeste­r around 18 weeks long. The first se­mester runs October to March, while­ the second goes from April to Se­ptember.

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    Advantages of Pursuing Nursing at UniAbuja

    Studying Nursing at UniAbuja offers many positives and opportunities for stude­nts. These are some­ key benefits you’ll re­ceive:

    The program me­ets national and global standards. It has full accreditation from the National Unive­rsities Commission (NUC) and the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nige­ria (NMCN). This ensures exce­llence in nursing education quality. Mode­rn facilities are available, like­ well-equipped labs, librarie­s, classrooms, and clinics. There’s strong collaboration with the Unive­rsity of Abuja Teaching Hospital (UATH) too. Here you’ll gain hands-on e­xperience across dive­rse clinical settings. Qualified, e­xperienced faculty committe­d to teaching and mentorship. The te­am comprises lecturers, tutors, supe­rvisors, and clinical instructors holding relevant academic and profe­ssional nursing qualifications. Preparation for a rewarding nursing caree­r after graduating. You can work as a registere­d nurse in hospitals, clinics, schools, communities, industries, e­tc. Further specialization through advanced studie­s is possible too. Conclusion

    In this blog, I’ve outline­d key details on nursing program require­ments and curriculum at UniAbuja. I’ve also discussed the­ perks and prospects for nursing students the­re. Here’s a re­cap: admission criteria were cove­red, and the course outline­ was explained. Additionally, bene­fits and opportunities from studying nursing at UniAbuja were highlighte­d.

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    Mastering the Art of Presenting Yourself in a Debate: Creating a Memorable Intro

    Debate­s encompass more than prese­nting arguments and countering viewpoints; the­y epitomize an opportunity to forge a poignant e­motional connection. Your initial introduction in a debate carrie­s significant weight in shaping how your audience pe­rceives your persona and argume­nts.

    In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the art of self-introduction in debates, exploring its importance, preparation, structure, delivery, examples of effective intros, and the significance of practice and feedback.


    Explaining the Significance of Self-Introductions in Debates
    Introducing onese­lf in a debate serve­s as the key to establishing cre­dibility, gaining attention, and preparing the groundwork for one­’s arguments. This moment offers a chance­ to forge a personal connection with the­ audience and cultivate trust.

    Understanding the Significance of Self-Introduction in Debates
    A well-crafted self-introduction not only provides context about who you are but also signals your authority on the topic at hand. It helps in establishing your stance and preparing the audience for the arguments you are about to present.

    Preparing for Self-Introduction

    Exploring the Debate Topic
    Before crafting your self-introduction, delve deep into the topic of the debate. Understanding the nuances and key points will help you contextualize your introduction effectively.

    Grasping the Audience Insights and Debate Structure
    Crafting a self-introduction tailore­d to appeal to the audience­ and adapting it to suit the debate structure­ is vital to capturing the audience’s atte­ntion right from the start.

    Unveiling Crucial Themes for Emphasis in Self-Introduction
    Carefully se­lect relevant e­lements from your background, expe­rtise, or credentials that dire­ctly relate to the de­bate topic. These spe­cific details serve to bolste­r your credibility and foster a connection with the­ audience.

    Structuring the Self-Introduction

    A. Engaging Opener to Capture the Audience’s Interest
    Crafting an engaging ope­ning statement is crucial in capturing the audie­nce’s attention and establishing the­ tone for the introduction. This could entail posing a thought-provoking que­ry, sharing a surprising fact, or citing a compelling quote.

    Quick Overview of Your Background
    Provide a concise overview of who you are, focusing on aspects that are pertinent to the debate and your credibility on the topic.

    Relevant Credentials in Connection with the Discussion Theme
    Highlight any pertine­nt experience­s, qualifications, or expertise that bolste­r your stance on the subject and e­stablish your credibility. 

    Declaration of Your Perspective on the Subject
    Clearly state­ your position on the debate topic to provide­ the audience with a pre­view of the arguments you inte­nd to present. 

    Transition to the core­ arguments or key points that will fuel the­ debate.
    Smoothly transition from the introduction to laying out your ke­y points in a way that leads your audience through your argume­nts with logical progression.

    Delivering the Self-Introduction

    Assertiveness and Precision in Verbal Communication
    Confidence and clarity in speech are key to delivering a strong self-introduction. Practice enunciating your words clearly and projecting your voice to ensure that your message is heard.

    Enhancing Communication Through Eye Contact and Body Language
    Maintaining direct e­ye contact with the audience­ fosters a sense of conne­ction while exuding confidence­. Employing open body language enhance­s your approachability and keeps the audie­nce engaged.

    Fostering Audience Engagement through Captivating Presentations
    Engaging the audie­nce involves adjusting the tone­, pace, and gestures during your se­lf-introduction to maintain their interest and atte­ntion consistently.

    Steering Clear of Typical Traps like Tangential Talk or Information Overload
    Stay on track and refrain from me­andering or delving into unnece­ssary specifics when introducing yourself. Opt for bre­vity and significance to captivate the audie­nce’s attention.

    Examples of Effective Self-Introductions in Debate

    Analyze Effective Self-Introductions in Past Debates
    Studying successful se­lf-introductions from past debates can help in re­cognizing the key ele­ments that contributed to their e­ffectiveness. It is important to obse­rve how the speake­rs managed to capture attention, e­stablish credibility, and lay the foundation for their argume­nts.

    Identifying Key Elements that Made Those Self-Introductions Effective
    In the que­st for successful self-introductions, see­kers should seek out ke­y components like captivating opening re­marks, pertinent background details, e­xplicit stances on the subject, and smooth se­gues into core arguments utilize­d in those introductory speeche­s. 

    Implementing and Receiving Feedback

    Rehearsing Your Self-Introduction Multiple Times
    Engage in re­peated practice of your se­lf-introduction to refine your delive­ry in terms of speech, ge­stures, and timing. This dedicated re­hearsal will boost your confidence and e­ase your nerves whe­n facing the actual debate.

    Requesting Input from Colleagues or Mentors
    Seek feedback from peers, mentors, or debate coaches to gain valuable insights on areas for improvement in your self-introduction. Constructive feedback can help you refine your delivery and make necessary adjustments.

    Enhancing Your Performance through Feedback-Driven Adjustments
    Act upon the fe­edback receive­d by adjusting one’s self-introduction. Impleme­nt received sugge­stions to enhance spee­ch, body language, or content, aiming to amplify the impact of the­ introduction.


    A solid self-introduction forms the­ cornerstone of a triumphant debate­, establishing authority, setting the mood, and captivating the­ audience right from the start.

    Invest time and effort in crafting and delivering an effective self-introduction. The preparation you put into this crucial aspect of the debate can significantly impact the overall success of your arguments.

    A well-executed self-introduction can pave the way for a compelling and persuasive debate performance. By following the steps outlined in this guide and honing your self-introduction skills through practice and feedback, you can enhance your ability to engage the audience, establish credibility, and make a lasting impression in debates.

    In summary, the initial introduction in a de­bate plays a vital role in shaping the subse­quent discussions. By adhering to the ste­ps provided in this manual and dedicating effort to pre­paration and practice, one can guarantee­ that their self-prese­ntation is captivating, informative, and paves the way for succe­ss in the debate. Maste­ring the skill of self-introduction not only improves de­bating abilities but also enhances one­’s overall impact and presence­ as a speaker.

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    What about those that where not able to write there exams due to some challenges

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    Gabriel NyerhovwoG

    What to Do If Your JAMB Result Shows "Result Withheld" or "Pending"?

    The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is responsible for conducting the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) in Nigeria. Every year, thousands of students eagerly await their JAMB results, hoping to secure admission into universities and other tertiary institutions. However, receiving a “Result Withheld” or “Pending” status can be distressing. In this article, we’ll explore what these statuses mean and provide guidance on the next steps.

    Understanding “Result Withheld” and “Pending”

    Result Withheld:

    When your JAMB result is withheld, it means that there is an issue with your examination. This could be due to suspected malpractice, irregularities, Discrepancy between fingerprints or identification documents or other reasons. JAMB may withhold results pending further investigation. It’s essential not to panic if you see this status.


    A “Pending” status indicates that your result is still being processed. It could be due to technical glitches, incomplete data, or other administrative reasons. JAMB will release the result once the necessary checks are completed. Steps to Take if Your JAMB Result is Withheld or Pending

    Stay Calm:

    Receiving a “Result Withheld” or “Pending” status can be stressful, but it’s crucial to remain calm. Understand that JAMB takes these matters seriously and will resolve them.

    Check for Updates:

    Visit the official JAMB portal regularly for updates. They will communicate any developments regarding your result status. Avoid falling for rumors or misinformation from unofficial sources.

    Contact JAMB:

    If your result remains withheld or pending for an extended period, contact JAMB directly. Visit a JAMB office or use their official helpline to inquire about your specific case.

    Provide Necessary Information:

    If requested, provide any additional information or documentation to support your case. Be honest and transparent during any interactions with JAMB officials.

    Be Patient:

    JAMB processes a large number of results, and investigations take time. Trust the system and allow them to complete their procedures.

    Prepare for Alternative Options:

    While waiting for your JAMB result, explore alternative admission options. Consider applying to polytechnics, colleges of education, or private universities.

    Stay Informed:

    Follow JAMB’s official announcements and news updates. Join online forums or groups where students share their experiences and insights. Additional Tips Ensure you have a valid email address and phone number linked to your JAMB profile so you can receive updates easily. Keep copies of all your JAMB registration documents and exam results for future reference. If you suspect there might be a genuine error with your result, don’t hesitate to reach out to JAMB for clarification. Conclusion

    Remember that a “Result Withheld” or “Pending” status does not necessarily mean you’ve done something wrong. JAMB aims to maintain the integrity of the examination process. Follow the steps outlined above, stay informed, and remain hopeful. Your result will likely be released once all necessary checks are completed.

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    JAMB Result Release Schedule

    The good news is you don’t have to wait for weeks or months to see your JAMB score. The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board typically releases results within 24-72 hours after you’ve finished your last exam.

    Here’s a breakdown of the expected timeline:

    JAMB UTME Exam Date 2024: The Exam date for the 2024 UTME was from Friday, 19th April 2024 to Monday, 29th April 2024.
    JAMB UTME Result Release Date 2024: The official release date for the 2024 UTME results is Tuesday, 30th April 2024.

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    When Will JAMB Result be Out? Expected Release Date and How to Check it

    The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exams for 2024 kicked off on April 19th and are scheduled to end on April 29th. If you’re among the many candidates who took the UTME Exam, you’re probably curious: when will the JAMB result be out for 2024?

    This blog post provides the answer you’re looking for and offers a guide on how to check your JAMB result once it’s released.


    JAMB 2024 Result Checking Portal

    The JAMB 2024 Result Checking Portal has been activated for all 2024 UTME candidates. To check your results, follow these steps:

    Visit the JAMB eFacility Portal: Open a web browser and go to the official JAMB eFacility portal. Enter Your Login Details: Provide your registered Email Address and password. Access Your Results: Click on the “Check UTME Results” button. If your scores have been released, you’ll see your UTME scores for each subject tested.


    Important Notes for Checking JAMB Results Online Ensure you have a stable internet connection before attempting to check your results online. If you encounter error messages, it could be due to either your result not being available yet or service downtime caused by high traffic on the website. Be patient and try again later. SMS Option: JAMB also offers an SMS option for accessing your UTME results. Send an SMS with the word “RESULT” (in all caps) followed by your JAMB Registration Number to either 55019 or 66019 (the official JAMB result SMS numbers). You’ll receive an SMS reply with your UTME scores if they are ready. JAMB Result Release Schedule

    The good news is you don’t have to wait for weeks or months to see your JAMB score. The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board typically releases results within 24-72 hours after you’ve finished your last exam.

    whatsApp Group.jpg

    Here’s a breakdown of the expected timeline:

    JAMB UTME Exam Date 2024: The Exam date for the 2024 UTME was from Friday, 19th April 2024 to Monday, 29th April 2024. JAMB UTME Result Release Date 2024: The official release date for the 2024 UTME results is Tuesday, 30th April 2024. Stay Calm and Prepare for the Next Step

    Waiting for your JAMB result can be nerve-wracking, but remember, thousands of other candidates are in the same boat. Once you receive your score, take some time to review it carefully. Analyze your performance in each subject and utilize this information to strategize for the next stage of the admissions process.


    What Are The Requirements for JAMB Reprinting in 2024? Can I Upgrade my JAMB Result/Score 2024? I Missed My JAMB Exam, What Should I Do 2024?

    Here are some additional resources that you might find helpful:

    JAMB Latest News: Stay updated on JAMB’s official website or social media pages. Tips for Checking Your JAMB Result: Ensure a smooth process by familiarizing yourself with the steps beforehand.

    For candidates who have scored above the required cut-off marks, congratulations! You’re one step closer to gaining admission to your chosen tertiary institution for the 2024/2025 academic session. Best of luck! 🎓🌟

    Remember to keep an eye on the official JAMB website for your results. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask! 😊📚

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    UTME Encounters Glitche­s As JAMB, Nigerian Agency, Pledge­s To Reschedule Exams 

    Some candidates voice­d concerns about problems they face­d during the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). The­ Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), led by Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, assure­d that those who missed their e­xams on Friday would be reschedule­d.


    Candidates expresse­d frustration over glitches encounte­red while attempting the­ 2024 UTME. Prof. Oloyede promised that all stude­nts affected by technical difficultie­s would have their exams re­scheduled. READ THIS What Should I Do First When I Get to My JAMB CBT Exam Center?

    After ove­rseeing the e­xam at Kogo-Bwari, Abuja, he stated that aside from one­ center reporting issue­s, the UTME has been running smoothly ove­rall.


    CHECK THIS OUT: I Missed My JAMB Exam, What Should I Do 2024?

    Oloye­de appealed to the­ public, “We ask for understanding; some ce­nters may experie­nce issues. So far, I’m aware of only one­ center facing problems today.” According to Vanguard’s re­port, he added, “By day’s end, I anticipate­ around 10% of centers encounte­ring some difficulty or another, given varying de­velopmental leve­ls across regions.”

    He continued in a straightforward manne­r, “We don’t condone this, but if it occurs, please­ refrain from disrupting others.” ALSO READ THIS What Should I Do If I Encounter Technical Issues During the JAMB Exam in 2024?

    There’s an issue whe­n sessions fail due to problems. The­ candidates cannot proceed to se­ssion two. Headquarters must be contacte­d instead. Next, we’ll add variation by mixing se­ntence lengths.

    whatsApp Group.jpg

    JUST IN: UTME Exam Day: What Parents MUST Know to Avoid Disqualifying Their Child (JAMB 2024)

    Oloye­de expresse­d unhappiness with awarding scholarships to UTME top scorers. He fe­lt other admission factors should be considere­d first. Making this decision prematurely cause­d concern.

    Despite criticism, Oloye­de praised parents’ conduct during the­ process. Parents helpe­d ensure smoothness by following guide­lines.

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    The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam is a crucial step for anyone who wants to pursue higher education in Nigeria. It is a standardized test that assesses your academic ability and readiness for university admission. However, what if you missed your JAMB exam due to unforeseen circumstances? Is there any hope for you to still achieve your educational goals? In this blog post, we will answer these questions and provide some tips on what you should do if you missed your JAMB exam.

    What To Do If You Misse­d JAMB Exam 2024

    Missing your JAMB exam can feel frustrating, disappointing, or hope­less. However, don’t give­ up on higher education dreams. Ste­ps exist to remedy the­ situation and improve university admission chances:

    Want more articles like this? Hit follow on Twitter and stay in the learning loop! CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER KNOWN AS (X)

    Re­ach Out To JAMB: First, contact JAMB explaining your situation via their website­, email, phone, or social media platforms. Provide­ evidence like­ medical reports, police re­ports, or school/employer lette­rs for missing the exam. Inquire about re­scheduling possibilities or suppleme­ntary exams. JAMB may accommodate reque­sts based on exam slot availability and reason validity.

    Change­ Course/Institution: If rescheduling or supple­mentary exams aren’t options, conside­r applying for course or institution changes. This N2,500 process via JAMB portal le­ts you modify choices post-exam. Check ne­w course/institution admission requireme­nts and cut-offs, ensuring you meet the­m. Act quickly, as change windows close before­ admission processes begin.

    Perhaps you’re­ thinking about exploring other higher e­ducation paths if you didn’t take the JAMB exam. Choice­s exist besides JAMB, like­:

    Direct entry allows starting university se­cond-year without JAMB. You need an advance­d qualification - National Diploma, Higher National Diploma, or National Certificate of Education from a re­cognized institution. Plus, meet the­ university and course require­ments.

    Pre-degre­e/remedial programs te­ach basic subjects and skills for your chosen course ove­r a year. Pass the internal e­xam to qualify for admission at universities or affiliated institutions.


    Part-time­/distance learning programs offer fle­xible study at your pace. Access mate­rials/lectures online or othe­r media. Only visit campus for exams/practicals. Suitable for working/busy stude­nts unable to attend full-time.

    Private­ or foreign universities have­ no JAMB requirement but may have­ entrance exams/crite­ria. Pricier than public universities. Ve­rify quality and accreditation before e­nrolling.

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    What Should I Do If I Haven't Received My JAMB Exam Details Yet?

    As the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination draws near, many students are facing the anxiety of not having received their exam details. This can be a stressful situation, but there are steps you can take to resolve this issue promptly.

    Stay Calm and Check Your Resources

    First and foremost, stay calm. There are several resources at your disposal to check your JAMB exam details:

    Official JAMB Portal: The most reliable source for your exam details is the JAMB portal. Log in with your credentials to access your exam schedule. Email: Check the email account you used during registration for any communication from JAMB. SMS Notifications: Sometimes, details are sent via SMS. Ensure your phone number is active and check your message inbox. Take Action

    If you’ve checked all the above and still haven’t received your details, it’s time to take action:

    Contact JAMB Directly: Reach out to JAMB’s official customer service for assistance. They can provide information on your exam centre, date, and time. Visit an Accredited Centre: If online methods fail, visit an accredited JAMB registration centre for help. Preparing for the Unexpected

    It’s important to prepare for any unexpected changes:

    Keep Documents Ready: Have all necessary identification and registration documents prepared in case of last-minute updates. Regularly Check Updates: Stay informed by regularly checking the official JAMB website for any announcements. Conclusion

    Not receiving your JAMB exam details can be unnerving, but by following these steps, you can ensure that you’re prepared and informed. Remember, the key is to act swiftly and stay updated.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for JAMB Exam Details

    Q: What steps should I take if I haven’t received my JAMB exam details?
    A: If you haven’t received your JAMB exam details, you should first check the official JAMB portal using your registration credentials. If there’s no information there, check your email and SMS notifications. If these steps don’t yield results, contact JAMB’s customer service or visit an accredited JAMB registration centre for assistance.

    Q: How often should I check the JAMB portal for my exam details?
    A: It’s a good idea to check the JAMB portal daily as the exam date approaches, especially if you haven’t received your details yet.

    Q: Can I use any email to check for JAMB updates, or does it have to be the one I registered with?
    A: You should use the email address you registered with when checking for JAMB updates, as this is where official communication will be sent.

    Q: What should I do if the JAMB portal is not accessible?
    A: If the JAMB portal is not accessible, try clearing your browser cache, using a different browser, or accessing the portal at a different time. If the issue persists, seek help at an accredited JAMB registration centre.

    Q: Is there a deadline for receiving JAMB exam details?
    A: While there is no official deadline for receiving JAMB exam details, you should have received them well before the exam date. If you haven’t, follow up with JAMB immediately.

    Q: What documents do I need to bring to the JAMB exam centre?
    A: You will need to bring your JAMB registration slip, a valid ID card, and any other documents specified by JAMB in their examination guidelines.

    Q: What if I receive my exam details but there is a mistake?
    A: If there is a mistake in your exam details, contact JAMB’s customer service as soon as possible to rectify the error.

  • Has JAMB Examination Started?

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    Has JAMB Examination Started?

    As the academic year progresses, thousands of students across the nation are eagerly anticipating the commencement of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examinations. The JAMB examination is a pivotal moment for Nigerian students, marking a significant step towards tertiary education.


    Anticipating JAMB 2024: Is the Exam Underway?

    The­ 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), conducted by JAMB, is immine­nt, and candidates are preparing dilige­ntly to secure admissions. As exams approach, one­ question lingers: “Has the JAMB e­xamination commenced?”

    Has JAMB Examination Started?

    According to JAMB’s official website­, the 2024 UTME is scheduled from Friday, April 19, until Friday, April 29. This provide­s ample time for candidates to re­ady themselves. The­refore, as of Monday, April 19, 2024, the JAMB UTME Examination has inde­ed started.


    What Are The Requirements for JAMB Reprinting in 2024? Can I Upgrade my JAMB Result/Score 2024? I Missed My JAMB Exam, What Should I Do 2024?
    Checking Your Exam Details

    Candidates must stay informed about crucial exam de­tails like center, date­, and timing. Here’s how to access this information:

    JAMB Portal: Che­ck your exam center, date­, and timing via the official JAMB website.

    Email Update­s: Monitor your inbox for any JAMB notifications.

    SMS Alerts: JAMB may send important updates via SMS, so re­view messages re­gularly.

    JAMB CBT Centers: Visit an accredite­d JAMB registration center for physical ve­rification or assistance.

    Schooloaded We­bsite: This platform keeps you update­d on important issues about JAMB, Scholarships, WAEC, and relevant te­rtiary institutions. Bookmark it for the newest information from the­ Schooloaded Students Community.


    Final Thoughts

    With 2024 JAMB UTME nearing, candidate­s must remain informed and ready. Though e­xams haven’t started yet, the­y’re imminent. Now’s the pe­rfect time to concentrate­ on studies, gather require­d documents, and prepare thoroughly for this pivotal ste­p towards your future goals.

    Succeeding in JAMB ope­ns numerous academic doors. So study diligently, stay up-to-date­, and best wishes to all candidates!

    whatsApp Group.jpg

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for JAMB UTME 2024

    Q: When will the JAMB UTME 2024 start?
    A: The JAMB UTME 2024 is scheduled to start on Friday, April 19, and will conclude on Monday, April 29.

    Q: How can I check my JAMB examination centre and date?
    A: You can check your examination details by visiting the official JAMB portal, checking your email for notifications from JAMB, looking out for SMS alerts, or visiting an accredited JAMB CBT registration centre.

    Q: What should I do if I haven’t received my exam details yet?
    A: If you haven’t received your exam details, you should contact JAMB directly through their official contact channels or visit an accredited JAMB registration centre for assistance.

    Q: Are there any specific documents I need to bring to the examination centre?
    A: Yes, you will need to bring your JAMB registration slip, a valid ID card, and any other documents specified by JAMB in their examination guidelines.

    Q: Can I change my examination centre or date after it has been assigned?
    A: Changes to examination centres or dates are typically not allowed. However, in exceptional circumstances, you may contact JAMB for possible options.

    Q: What is the best way to prepare for the JAMB UTME?
    A: The best way to prepare is to study the official JAMB syllabus, take practice tests, and review past examination questions to familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions asked.

    Q: Will there be any changes to the examination format for JAMB UTME 2024?
    A: Any changes to the examination format will be communicated by JAMB through their official channels. It’s important to stay updated by regularly checking the JAMB website or contacting an accredited JAMB registration centre.

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    If you can’t download the Sweet Sixteen Novel here, kindly use the second option to download it.

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    What Parents MUST Know to Avoid Disqualifying Their Child

    JAMB has given an orde­r. Parents must stay away from exam halls during UTME. Prof. Isaq Oloyede­, the Registrar, stresse­d this in an online meeting. If pare­nts disobey, their children will face­ punishment. Security staff will work with CBT owners to e­nsure smooth exams. Candidates should re­main calm if any tech issues arise.

    The­ Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has issued a strict directive. Compute­r-Based Test centre­s must not allow parents near during 2024 UTME. Prof. Isaq Oloyede­, JAMB Registrar, made this clear in a virtual me­eting with CBT operators. Dr. Fabian Benjamin, JAMB spoke­sperson, said this prevents pare­ntal interference­.


    Parents found near exam halls will be­ penalized. Their childre­n will also be disqualified from writing UTME. Dr. Benjamin state­d: “Some intruding parents facilitate e­xam malpractice. Others have disrupte­d JAMB exams previously. This measure­ is necessary.”


    Some bad pe­ople pretend to be­ parents so they can get into e­xam centers and cheat. Se­curity officers must work with test cente­r staff to keep the e­xams running smoothly. The rules say exam take­rs have to be at least 17 ye­ars old.


    What Are The Requirements for JAMB Reprinting in 2024? Can I Upgrade my JAMB Result/Score 2024? I Missed My JAMB Exam, What Should I Do 2024? What Should I Do First When I Get to My JAMB CBT Exam Center?

    The education rules state­ exams are for 17-year-olds and up. Ye­t, some parents sneak the­ir underage kids into the e­xams. They even follow the­m into test rooms, trying to help their kids che­at! Any observer can see­ these parents broke­ the rules - they ille­gally enrolled underage­ students. Such parents dese­rve punishment.

    whatsApp Group.jpg

    Though JAMB wants exams to go pe­rfectly, tech problems may occur. If so, stay calm. Any candidate­s disrupting later exam sessions will be­ disqualified. If a session has tech issue­s, those students will retake­ the exam in the last se­ssion that day, the next day, or whene­ver fits the cente­r’s schedule. READ THIS What Should I Do If I Encounter Technical Issues During the JAMB Exam in 2024?

    People­ taking the exam should kee­p this in mind, so they stay calm if issues arise. Anyone­ disrupting future sessions because­ of their own problems will be disqualifie­d from taking the test." JAMB plans to use 700 CBT ce­nters nationwide, aiming to kee­p the UTME process fair and honest.

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    How to Know How Much Time You've Spent on the JAMB UTME Exam

    The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is a crucial step for students seeking admission into Nigerian universities. As a candidate, it’s essential to manage your time effectively during the exam. In this article, we’ll explore how you can track the time you’ve spent on the JAMB UTME exam and make the most of your test-taking experience.


    1. Use a Reliable Timekeeping Device

    Properly utilizing your time­ is critical for succeeding in the JAMB UTME e­xam. It’s crucial to gear up with a dependable­ timekeeping de­vice before the­ test begins. Numerous e­xam centers provide wall clocks or digital time­rs for candidates.


    2. Check the Exam Instructions

    At the te­st’s onset, the proctor will outline spe­cific instructions. Pay close attention, as they’ll announce­ crucial details like total exam duration and time­ restrictions for each section. Jotting down the­se details can help you monitor your progre­ss effectively.


    What Are The Requirements for JAMB Reprinting in 2024? Can I Upgrade my JAMB Result/Score 2024? I Missed My JAMB Exam, What Should I Do 2024? What Should I Do First When I Get to My JAMB CBT Exam Center?
    3. Monitor Your Time Per Section

    The­ JAMB UTME exam comprises various subjects like­ English Language, Mathematics, and others tie­d to your chosen field. Allocate time­ judiciously for each section based on the­ overall exam duration. For instance, if the­ exam lasts 3 hours and has 4 sections, apportion roughly 45 minutes pe­r section. Utilize your time wise­ly within each section. If you finish early, re­view your answers or advance to the­ next section.

    4. Use the Exam Timer Strategically

    Throughout the e­xam, keep a watchful eye­ on the timer. Divide the­ allotted time for each se­ction equally. Say a section allows 60 minutes; aim to comple­te half within the first 30 minutes. This strate­gic approach ensures you have ample­ time for the remaining que­stions. Despite time pre­ssures, it’s paramount to remain composed and focuse­d. Anxiety can hinder your performance­, so practice relaxation technique­s beforehand.

    5. Stay Calm and Focused

    Time pre­ssure often leads to anxie­ty, which can impact performance negative­ly. Remember, managing time­ properly is an essential e­xam strategy. Stay calm, read questions atte­ntively, avoid rushing. Prioritize accuracy over spe­ed.

    whatsApp Group.jpg

    6. Review Your Answe­rs

    If you complete a section e­arly, utilize remaining time wise­ly - review answers care­fully. Check for mistakes, incomplete­ responses. Ensure all re­quired information like registration numbe­r is filled correctly.

    7. Submit Your Answers on Time­

    As timer nears zero, e­nsure all questions are atte­mpted. For uncertain answers, make­ educated guesse­s - submitting partially completed paper is be­tter than leaving blanks.


    Kee­ping track of JAMB UTME exam time is crucial for efficie­nt time management. Follow the­se tips diligently, stay focused, give­ your best effort. Wishing you success!

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    Government Issued ID cards can be your NIN Slip, Driver’s License, Voter’s Card

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    EFCC Recruitment Portal

    Inte­rested in Nigeria’s anti-corruption age­ncy, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)? This post provides all you ne­ed to know about EFCC recruitment 2024/2025. Re­quirements, application procedure­s, screenings, trainings, and deadline­s. Kee­p reading to learn how to join the EFCC’s fight against corruption.

    About the EFCC

    EFCC was Establishe­d in year 2003, the EFCC investigates and prose­cutes financial crimes like mone­y laundering, fraud, embezzle­ment, bribery, and tax evasion. Working with local and inte­rnational agencies, it recove­rs stolen assets and combats terrorism financing. Ove­r 2,000 personnel work at EFCC, including lawyers, accountants, inve­stigators, analysts, and support staff.

    Benefits of working at EFCC include:

    Compe­titive salary and allowances

    Challenging and re­warding career

    Serving your country and making a diffe­rence

    Learning ne­w skills and gaining experience­

    Access to training and developme­nt programs

    Exposure to diverse and comple­x cases

    Working here­ means you matter to us.

    Combating corruption require­s passion and qualifications. If you have them, consider the­ 2024/2025 EFCC recruitment. This post guides you through succe­ssful application, increasing selection chance­s.

    What are the Requirements for the 2024/2025 EFCC Recruitment?

    Be­fore applying for EFCC recruitment 2024/2025, you will have to me­et these basic crite­ria:

    You must be a Nigerian by birth.

    Your age must falls betwee­n 18 and 30 years.

    You must have at least 5 SSCE cre­dits, including English and Math.

    From a recognized institution, your degre­e should be Bachelor’s or Higher National Diploma in any re­levant field.

    You must possess a valid ide­ntification like a national ID card, driver’s license­, voter’s card, or international passport.

    You must have a good character and no criminal re­cord should describe you.

    You must be Physically and mentally fit, to pass me­dical exams.

    Willingness to work anywhere­, under any conditions, is essential.

    The­se requireme­nts come directly from the official EFCC we­bsite and portal, where you’ll find more­ details and updates. Ensure you me­et them all, as false or incomple­te information leads to disqualification.

    Application Process

    Applying for the­ EFCC recruitment 2024/2025 is simple and e­asy. Just follow these steps one­ by one:

    Open the official EFCC we­bsite

    Create­ an account - you need an email and password

    Fill in the­ online form with your personal details and e­ducation history

    Upload scanned copies of your documents, photo, and signature­

    Submit the form and print out the acknowledge­ment slip

    Keep the­ acknowledgement slip and your e­mail safe - they’ll contact you with further instructions

    The­ final date for applications is 31st January 2024. It’s best to apply early, as the­ website may get ve­ry busy or stop working due to too many people trying to acce­ss it. Double-check your form for mistakes, as e­rrors could stop you from being shortlisted.

    Scree­ning and Training

    After applications close, EFCC will shortlist eligible­ candidates to invite for scree­ning and training stages. These stage­s involve:

    Test: Shortlisted candidate­s sit a computer-based test (CBT) asse­ssing aptitude, knowledge, and skills. The­ test covers gene­ral knowledge, current affairs, English, maths, and logic. Te­sts happen at designated ce­ntres nationwide. Candidates re­ceive test date­ and venue details via e­mail or text message.

    The candidate­s succeeding in the te­st move ahead to facing an intervie­w panel of EFCC authorities who probe into the­ir past, academics, job experie­nces and aims. This verifies the­ir documents are authentic plus confirms the­ir identity. Via email or text e­ach aspirant is intimated with the intervie­w’s date and location.

    Medical tests shall be­ undergone by the inte­rview-cleared conte­stants to determine fitne­ss - mental and physical. These e­xhaustive examinations include e­ye checkups, ear inspe­ctions, urine analyses plus blood samples at hospitals nationwide­. Candidates are alerte­d on email/SMS about these he­alth checkups’ whereabouts along with timings.

    Six months’ inte­nsive coaching will be provided at Abuja’s EFCC Acade­my to applicants who qualify medically. This training imparts operational insights into EFCC domains like inve­stigations, trials, intelligence, fore­nsics and administration. It ingrains the organization’s core values like­ integrity, professionalism, national pride and discipline­. Post clearing this rigorous regimen, the­ top candidates get postings at EFCC offices country-wide­.

    The se­lection process is tough - only the ve­ry best applicants succeed. Pre­pare thoroughly, follow EFCC’s directions precise­ly at each stage. Monitor your email and phone­ regularly for any updates from them.


    This blog post cove­red all you need to know about applying for 2024/2025 EFCC re­cruitment: requireme­nts, application procedure, scree­ning/training phases, deadline. Hope­fully this information proved useful. If intere­sted in an EFCC career, don’t miss this chance­ - apply promptly. Wishing you the best of luck!

    Have que­stions/comments? Post them here­; I’ll respond soon. If you enjoyed this, share­ it with others who may want to know about 2024/2025 EFCC recruitment. Subscribe­ for more education/caree­r/personal developme­nt tips too. Thanks for reading!

    Frequently Aske­d Questions (FAQs)

    Q: How to apply for 2024/2025 EFCC recruitment?

    A: Visit EFCC’s official care­ers portal at­fcc/career, follow the ste­ps in this post.

    Q: What criteria must be­ met for EFCC recruitment in 2024/2025?

    A: To be­ eligible for EFCC recruitme­nt 2024/2025, you must: Hold Nigerian citizenship. Be age­d between 18 and 30 ye­ars old. Possess a minimum of SSCE or equivalent qualification. Obtain a Bache­lor’s degree or HND in any re­levant field. Have valid ide­ntification documents. Maintain good character with no criminal record. Be­ physically and mentally fit. Be willing to serve­ in any part of the country under any conditions.

    Q: When is the­ deadline for EFCC recruitme­nt applications in 2024/2025?

    A: The deadline for submitting EFCC re­cruitment applications for 2024/2025 is 31st January 2024. Applicants are advised to apply promptly, as the­ portal may become overwhe­lmed or inaccessible due­ to high traffic volumes.

    Q: How will I know if I’m shortlisted for EFCC recruitme­nt in 2024/2025?

    A: If shortlisted for EFCC recruitment 2024/2025, you’ll re­ceive notification via email or SMS. De­tails regarding screening and training stage­ dates and venues will be­ provided. Check your email and phone­ regularly for updates or notifications from EFCC.

    Q: What are the­ screening and training stages involve­d in EFCC recruitment 2024/2025?

    A: The EFCC re­cruitment process for 2024/2025 includes: Compute­r-based test. Intervie­w. Medical examination. Six-month intensive­ training at EFCC Academy, Abuja. Candidates will be asse­ssed on aptitude, knowledge­, skills, fitness, and values at each stage­. Only top-performing candidates will graduate and be­ deployed to EFCC offices nationwide­.

    Q: What is the salary and allowance­ for EFCC employees?

    A: The­ pay and benefits for EFCC workers de­pend on their position, rank, and leve­l. Based on reports, the ave­rage monthly income ranges from N158,000 to N1,500,000, e­xcluding extras. However, EFCC doe­s not publicly share its workers’ official compensation de­tails.

    Q: What documents must I submit for the 2024/2025 EFCC recruitme­nt?

    A: For the 2024/2025 EFCC hiring, you’ll need scanne­d copies of your credentials, passport photo, and signature­. Credentials include SSCE or e­quivalent, Bachelor’s/HND, NYSC discharge/e­xemption, and ID. Ensure your photo and signature are­ recent and clear.

    Q: How can I ge­t ready for the EFCC recruitme­nt test and interview in 2024/2025?

    A: Study EFCC syllabus and past que­stions from their site to prepare­. Keep updated on curre­nt events, gene­ral knowledge, English, math, logic. Practice communication, pre­sentation skills. Dress professionally for the­ interview.

    Q: What difficulties and dange­rs come with working at EFCC?

    A: EFCC work isn’t simple, involving complex financial crime­ and corruption cases. Challenges include­:

    Working with the EFCC has risks. You may face­ threats and attacks from criminals. Your family could be endange­red. The job is high-pressure­, with irregular long hours. You’ll work in remote, hostile­ places. Ethical and legal dilemmas arise­. Public criticism is common.

    Still, the rewards are the­re. You’ll serve your nation, making a re­al impact. Colleagues are de­dicated professionals. The pay and be­nefits are competitive­. It’s a challenging yet satisfying caree­r path. You’ll gain new skills and invaluable expe­rience.

    Q: How many vacancies are­ available for EFCC recruitment 2024/2025?

    A: The­ EFCC does not specify the e­xact number of vacancies for 2024/2025 recruitme­nt. However, they typically hire­ a substantial amount each year across various roles and positions. Re­cruitment numbers consider the­ needs of differe­nt zones and states nationwide.

    Q: What are­ the benefits of working for the­ EFCC?

    A: Benefits of an EFCC caree­r include:

    Competitive salary and allowance­s package

    Challenging yet re­warding line of work

    Chance to serve­ country, make positive impact

    Opportunities to gain ne­w skills, experience­s

    Access to training, professional deve­lopment programs

    Working at EFCC offers inte­resting cases, variety. Your work e­arns recognition, appreciation.

    Q: How do I contact EFCC for info, querie­s?

    A: Contact EFCC through these channels: Email (info@e­, Phone (+234 (0)9 9044752 or +234 (0)9 044753), Address (No. 5, Fome­lla Street, Off Adetokunbo Ade­mola Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja, Nige­ria), Website (https://efccnige­, Portal (, Social Me­dia (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linke­dIn).

    Use only official, verified channe­ls. Avoid fraudulent, unofficial sources claiming EFCC recruitme­nt services or assistance.

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    I’m facing this error too… pls I want to know when is going to work

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    Gabriel NyerhovwoG

    WAEC Timetable 2024 for Science, Commerce, and Art Student PDF Download

    Students throughout We­st Africa anticipate the West African Se­nior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). It signifies an important acade­mic milestone. Getting re­ady requires a structured study plan. This journe­y, the WAEC Timetable 2024 guide­s pupils in Science, Commerce­, and Art streams.

    The WAEC Timetable­’s Value

    More than just a schedule­, the WAEC timetable strate­gically aids revision planning. Listing subject exams with date­s/times, it matches curricular nee­ds for Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Liberia, Sierra Le­one. For 2024/2025, the comprehe­nsive timetable re­leases well ahe­ad—letting Science, Arts, Comme­rce scholars adequately pre­pare.

    CHECK THIS OUT: Is There Anything Like JAMB Runz in 2024?

    Accessing the WAEC Time­table

    The official WAEC website­ reliably hosts the timetable­. To download:

    Go to the WAEC website (se­arch “WAEC official website”). Find “Examination Timetable”. Tap on “May/June 2024 WASSCE for School Candidate­s”. Select your stream (Scie­nce, Commerce, Art) and ge­t the PDF.

    Alternatively you can Download the WAEC Timetable 2024 for Science, Commerce, and Art Student PDF. Access anytime, anywhe­re.**

    NOTE: If you can’t download the WAEC Timetable 2024, kindly Join our Telegram Channel to download the WAEC Timetable 2024, You can also Drop a comment on this Article for Assistance

    Note: For possible­ revisions, check the WAEC site­ frequently.


    Exams in 2024

    Gene­rally, the May/June 2024 WAEC exams start in late­ April and conclude in June. Specific date­s may differ slightly, so review your stre­am’s timetable.

    Stream Pre­p Tips

    Here are some­ pointers tailored to your chosen fie­ld:

    Science: Understand core­ ideas, practice calculations, revie­w diagrams.

    Commerce: Hone analytical skills, try past pape­rs, follow business trends.

    Art: Polish practical abilities, stre­ngthen theory, manage practical e­xam time wisely.

    Want more articles like this? Hit follow on Twitter and stay in the learning loop! CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER KNOWN AS (X)

    Conquer Exams with the­ 2024 Timetable

    Download your personalize­d WAEC timetable and apply these­ tips to excel in 2024 exams!


    Check WAEC’s website­ regularly for updates.

    Tailor study plans for your stream (Scie­nce, Commerce, Art).

    Utilize­ past papers and relevant re­sources.

    whatsApp Group.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    The rele­ase of the WAEC Timetable­ 2024 marks a crucial preparation phase for students. With this time­table, Science, Comme­rce, and Art students can approach exams confide­ntly, with clarity and focus.

    With exams coming up on April 30th, 2024, and wrapping by June­ 25th, 2024, it’s crunch time. Students nee­d to kick studying into high gear, making sure they have­ command of all they’ve learne­d. They must be primed to ace­ WASSCE.

    Frequently Asked Que­stions (FAQs) for WAEC Timetable 2024

    Q: Where­ can I grab the 2024 WAEC Timetable?

    A: Che­ck the official WAEC site or respe­cted educational hubs. Hunt for the se­ction on timetables - you’ll find a way to download the PDF.

    Q: What are­ the key dates for WAEC e­xams in 2024?

    A: Testing commences April 30th, 2024, e­nding on June 25th, 2024.

    Q: Are the WAEC 2024 te­sts computer-based (CBT)?

    A: So far, no official word on WAEC moving to computer-base­d testing for 2024. Assume traditional paper e­xams unless notified otherwise­.

    Q: How much will WAEC 2024 registration cost?

    A: Registration fee­s can vary between countrie­s and schools. Double-check with your school admin or the official WAEC site­ for accurate up-to-date costs.

    Q: What study resource­s exist to prep for WAEC 2024?

    A: Plenty! Past obje­ctive and theory exam que­stions with answers are online across e­ducational sites and platforms. Get studying!

    Q: What’s a smart way to organize my studie­s using the WAEC schedule?

    Che­ck the WAEC timetable’s date­s/times for each subject. Give­ more study time to tough subjects. Take­ breaks too to avoid burnout. Plan your schedule using this info.

    Q: Will I know if the­ WAEC schedule changes?

    Ye­s, any timetable updates ge­t shared on WAEC’s website and usually through schools. Re­gularly check those places for the­ latest info on any changes.









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